Covid-19 Response

C = Coordination
O = Operation
V = Value added
I = Information
D = Delay
You will find here logistical information regarding the Covid-19 situation in Madagascar


Situation update & important updates

As part of the medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), the United Nations has identified medical co-ordinators in each country, including Madagascar.
Dr Gilbert KAYOKO reachable at:
More information available on the link here.
You will also find the letter of approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs allowing medical evacuations (national and international).

Since March 23, 2020, the COVID-19 operational command center based at the Ivato Mining Business Center has been officially active.
In August 2020, the COVID-19 operational command center was moved to the Ivato International Conference Center (CCI) and is still operational.
The Center coordinates the various measures to be applied in order to control the spread of the coronavirus in Madagascar.
You will find a presentation of the different cells and functioning of the CCO on the link here
The command center now has a dedicated website allowing the centralization and updating of all relevant information on the Covid-19 situation in Madagascar

The World Food Program, anxious to be able to provide multimodal transport solutions (air, sea and road) during this Covid-19 crisis, has just set up a platform allowing all humanitarian actors to request assistance in logistics service (multimodal transport, storage).
If the requested service is outside the country, it can be offered free of charge, under certain destinations and conditions.
In order to centralize everyone's requests, you can directly connect to this platform accessible here.
For more information on the scope of the service, access methods as well as explanations of use and navigation on the platform, you can consult the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) which have been developed for this purpose.
A presentation of the service offered by the Johannesburg Regional Hub is available here.

Please note of the strict "free to user" eligibility criteria available here.
Please also note that WFP Madagascar can provide these logistics services within the Malagasy territory, and these will be studied for support.
These services are performed on the basis of a cost recovery system (100% billing + 4.5% service charge).
For more information on this subject, please contact the LWG through the "Contact us" link at the top right of this page.

Establishment of the WFP passenger air service to travel between different countries of East Africa, West Africa, the regional hubs of Accra, Addis and Geneva and Rome.
All the details are included in the files that you can download at the following link here:
Note that :
The service will be available from May 1, 2020
This service is not intended to compete with commercial companies (if Air France, Air Mauritius, Air Austral, Air Madagascar etc, resume service, UNHAS will not offer service on these origins / destinations)
This service is only available to employees of UN agencies, NGOs and representatives of Embassies / donors
You must register beforehand by filling out the "Organization Signatory Introduction Form" - Annex 1
You will need to make a deposit of $ 5,000
Flights will not be free, despite funding received additional fees will be charged, for example:
Long-haul flights between Geneva, Rome and Addis Ababa / Accra - $ 800;
Flights between passenger hubs - $ 500;
Flights to the West African region - $ 500;
Flights to the East African region - $ 350;
Flights between countries in the East African region (e.g. Juba) to Geneva / Rome via Addis Ababa - $ 1,150;
Likewise, flights between countries in the West African region (e.g. Dakar) to Geneva / Rome via Accra - $ 1,300
All process information documents are available here.

Since April 28, 2020, WHO at international level, in partnership with UNICEF, have set up a specific Covid19 "purchasing portal" enabling centralization of all purchases of Covid19 priority products such as PPE.

This allows any eligible organization to use the portal to send their needs, indicate the source of funding and WHO will allocate (or not) the stocks available to the requesting organization.

The methods of access to this platform, details and descriptions are available on the link here, and also on the internet website accessible here.
You can also contact your WHO / UNICEF Madagascar focal points / contacts for more information.

All updates regarding Cargo entry points and other logistical information are available on the dedicated Global Logistics Cluster website, as well as the minutes of regular virtual meetings.

Since the Covid-19 situation, there is a risk in purchasing products of poor quality or which have not received official certifications.
In order to reduce these risks, some countries have tightened export rules and controls.
A list of legislation passed in countries that have taken temporary export restriction measures for certain categories of essential medical supplies due to the COVID-19 epidemic is available here.
China has in particular implemented additional measures. More information here.


Rules and authorizations for the resumption of commercial flights

What are the authorizations to receive from the civil aviation authorities to allow the charter of a commercial aircraft? 
1. Obtain clearance from the ACM in accordance with Circular 001 VPM / SG / DGPA / DCA
2. Special authorization from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the advice of the Ministry of Public Health, the Ministry of Transport, Tourism and Meteorology; Ministry of Public Security and if charter of a military aircraft from the Ministry of Defense

What are the current measures on COVID-19: quarantining of crews and passengers ?
the restriction is governed by note NV n° 20.131-AE.SG.DP.VISAS of December 12, 2020.

What are (or will be) the forms to be completed for departing / arriving passengers?
No specific form is in place, other than the General Declaration ICAO. The provisions for passengers will follow the provisions of the joint press release of March 16, 2020, of note 47, of note 50 and of note 52